Use Delta Skymiles When Booking Vacations with Travel Agents

You can now use  Skymiles when booking Delta Vacations through your travel agent!

Delta Vacations has announced a new and improved way to use miles as a form of payment toward your bookings when using your travel agent. Plus, you can earn miles along the way too.

Use Miles: 

  • To pay for just a little or everything, including flights, stays, rides, activities and more.
  • From one account per booking, for anyone in the same booking. Plus, SkyMiles® Members will still earn miles on their vacation.
  • On getaways to over 300 destinations across the globe – at any time.
  • Plus, there’s no minimum or maximum amount of miles, no blackout dates, and no promo code is needed.

How To Pay With Miles: 

  1. Call your travel agent and to book your Delta Vacation package.
  2. A booking number will be generated to begin the miles redemption process. Your travel agent will provide you with the booking number and WorldAgent Direct SMS number, 1-833-312-3048, so you can start a chat/text to apply miles as payment. You must text the WorldAgent Direct SMS number stating they would like to pay for their booking using miles. Miles can only be applied via text messaging. Calling to apply miles is not an option. 
  3. The required deposit on your booking needs to be paid in full before miles can be applied. Miles will not be accepted as form-of-payment unless it fully covers, or exceeds, the deposit amount.
  4. SkyMiles rules state that only the SkyMiles Member may redeem their miles and that this cannot be facilitated by a third party. Therefore, you, the SkyMiles Member must initiate the redemption request through their personal devices. Requests made directly by the Travel Advisor on behalf of their client will not be allowed.
  5. A Delta Customer Engagement Center messaging agent will send the SkyMiles Verification secure form to you to complete the verification process and discuss the number of miles you would like to redeem. They will apply the payment using miles and refer you back to your travel advisor for any additional questions.
  6. Miles can only be redeemed from one SkyMiles account per booking.
  7. Your travel advisor will be provided an updated invoice reflecting your payment using miles. Delta’s Customer Engagement team will only correspond with you, the Sky Miles Member, regarding SkyMiles redemption. Any other questions received will be directed back to the Travel Advisor.

What are you waiting for? Start using Skymiles to book your next vacation today!

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